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Tension & Trauma Release Exercises

In our often turbulent and busy time, tension and trauma recovery is more and more necessary and must be easily accessible and repeatable to be effective. I had the good fortune of being introduced to TRE a few years ago as a method of self help to recover from personal past trauma that was manifesting as deeply held pain in my body. After experiencing rapid relief, I quickly became intrigued as to how to be able to teach this incredible method to my patients. I wanted to learn from the master who developed it, Dr. David Berceli, and finally got the opportunity to begin that journey in March 2017.

I am excited to announce that I have been steadily working towards obtaining my TRE certification since then in order to be able to instruct patients and I anticipate that will happen this Fall! TRE is a natural reflex reaction of all mammals’ nervous system that is an easily activated innate survival mechanism to allow the body to discharge tension and stress otherwise held in it. Our body’s nervous system is innately designed to “shake off” (via neurogenic tremoring) this deep muscular tension to assist the body in returning to a state of homeostasis to ultimately help us live a more fulfilled life. Unfortunately, most of us have been socially conditioned to suppress this innate reflex and must relearn this amazing self-regulatory technique. We are genetically-coded to learn how to deal with trauma. As the physical body is a record-keeper of traumas, healing must occur at the body level to be complete, effective and lasting.

TRE helps us to resolve and evolve from both deep chronic tension as a result of trauma(s) as well as to help us to relieve daily stress via releasing deep protective muscular tension. As a practitioner of TRE, I’m in the background of the therapeutic process to assist patients in learning about themselves as I hold space for them to experience release. I view TRE as a life practice for myself and for my patients to promote health and wellbeing that can be easily taught to help support them in self-empowerment. I look forward to being able to work with my existing and future patients in sharing TRE.

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