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Mona Bhalla

"We must turn to nature itself, to the observations of the body in health and in disease to learn the truth."

- Hippocrates -

Lab testing is often a necessary part of the in-depth evaluation done by the naturopathic physicians at Portland Natural Medicine. All the labs we work with are CLIA-certified and held to the same standard as labs performing conventional diagnostics. 


Conventional Lab Tests: I do order conventional lab test. They can provide an excellent baseline, but often times do not provide the detailed information required to fully assess and understand the underlying pathology contributing to your symptoms.


Hormone testing: Hormone testing, often done through blood or saliva, can offer insight to problems that may be occurring due to male and female hormonal imbalances. Symptoms that arise when hormones are out of balance may include fatigue, mood swings, depression, hair and skin changes, infertility, and decreased libido, just to name a few.


Gastrointestinal Panels: There are excellent gastrointestinal panels that are very extensive at getting to the cause of various gastrointestinal issues. They measure various markers that indicate digestive function, small intestine and large intestine inflammation, test for antibodies to certain foods, and evaluate for possible parasitic infections.


Food Sensitivity Testing: Food sensitivities are a significant issue in our society causing a multitude of symptoms and diseases. This testing is a blood test and can be useful in certain cases.


Heavy Metal Testing: In our modern society, all of us have had exposure to various heavy metals. Some people have had more exposure or have less ability to process and excrete those metals at time of exposure, thus have increased metals stored in their tissue. Research has shown a number of health issues are associated with heavy metal body burden. This urine test can be an important part of your evaluation and treatment if indicated.


Adrenal Hormone Testing: Utilized often when a person is experiencing fatigue, symptoms of excess inflammation, difficulty losing weight with deposition of adipose tissue in the abdominal area, and sleep disturbances.


Lyme Disease Testing: We use a number of methods to assist in the diagnosis of Lyme disease including Igenex lab and DNA Connexions PCR testing.

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