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Mona Bhalla

"We must turn to nature itself, to the observations of the body in health and in disease to learn the truth."

- Hippocrates -

What is TRE®?


Developed by psychologist and bodyworker David Berceli, TRE®, or Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises, is a series of simple and easily accessible exercises that activate the body’s natural vibrational healing. When we experience stress or trauma our bodies tend toward contraction. Most of us live in a state of relative nervous system hyperarousal and contraction. This may be rooted in historical trauma, or it may simply be a product of everyday living–commuting in heavy traffic, working stressful jobs, navigating complex relationships. When left to our natural rhythm after trauma or prolonged stress, our bodies will naturally vibrate or tremor to let go of tension and return to a state of ease. Yet most of the time–because we believe it’s not socially acceptable, or we don’t understand what’s happening in our bodies–we suppress this nervous system release (often without conscious awareness of it) and, thus, accumulate tension and stress.


Is TRE® for me?


Everyone can benefit from TRE®. The exercises are simple and easily accessible for all body types and levels of fitness. The shaking or tremoring they evoke is a safe and natural part of the body’s deeply intelligent healing process.


What are the benefits of TRE®? 


The reported benefits of TRE include the following:

  • increased flexibility

  • increased mobility

  • increased blood circulation

  • reduced pain from injuries

  • improved communication between neurology and muscular system

  • improved rates of healing from injuries and chronic disease

  • reduction of emotional stress

  • improved relationships

  • improved sleep


How do I get started?


Getting started is easy. Practitioners offer introductory and follow-up sessions. After your first few sessions, you will be able to practice TRE® on your own. As you grow in your TRE® practice, regular follow ups will help you to access and release deeper layers of tension or trauma.


To learn more about TRE® click here.

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